Not all booth construction is the same:
Product presentation, communication and experience
are what we focus on!

Whatever you are planning: Participation in a trade-show, a roadshow, a workshop or a gala performance:
Our network of professional booth builders, advertisers, public relations departments, design- and graphic studios will realize your project!

We accompany you from your first ideas and the concept to the final realization. We always have an eye on your budget and deadlines. We consequently pursue your goals and those of your customers. We give everything, no matter how big or small your project is.

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Even though we are located in Hanover, our activities exceed the Hot Spot of the Expo Fair Grounds by far. We offer our services nationwide and employ an annual average of 50 staff members from different fields, such as architects, construction-teams, waiters, project managers, security, catering and logistics. Project-specific freelancers support these experts with various backgrounds and expertise.